Billy Zane’s Interview for Project Lena

1. How did you come up with the name ‘’Seize The Day Bed’’ and the idea of transporting back to Southern Californian driveway?
I enjoy Puns and wordplay almost as much as the action of painting, without pre conception. The combination of the comedic, the specific and cerebral with the physical and unintentional seems a good fit for abstraction to me. The Polarity within each opposing element inspires both visceral and emotional responses simultaneously. It speaks to our digital age’s appetite for multitasking in a more tactile analogue context. My preference.
Seize The Day Bed suggests urgent relaxation. I just find it funny, quite frankly. I had made a series of t-shirts with similar phrases and “mash-ups” of popular cultural icon’s last and first names such as Olivia Newton John F. Kennedy, with the intention of only wearing them to amuse, when I realized they would look great all together on a canvas. The Californian influence of the show, played to the triviality and cult of celebrity of that piece, but also made an indelible impression upon the work by way of atmosphere and geography. My driveway, in the Spring and Summer, where some pieces we made captured the essence of an overall theme for me, regardless of how many other pieces were created around the world.

2. Your art draws towards abstract expressionism and the neo expressionist movements. How long have been drawing and what inclines you towards that? Tell me about your process.

My paintings are improvisations. They adhere to my standards of light, color, and composition, but are quite random. I use an equally random supply of materials to invite happy accidents and divine intervention derived from the spontaneity of creating something without pre determining the combination of variables deployed. This, I find compliments the scientific, biological and cosmological references in much abstract work. And of course is another expression of opposing influence.

3. What is the concept behind the ‘’ painting is a seduction by way of a contradiction”, to me seduction is always about contradiction pulling backwards and forwards, what idea are you playing with through your art?

I think I answered that above. Perhaps I got ahead of myself. :)

4. What inspires you about art, you apparently set up art studios on all set locations, I am a gallery manager for The Popular Institute and our first exhibition show cased Lucy Liu’s ‘’Totem’’, what would say is the connection between screen and painting in terms of medium, or is it more about escapism all together?

Singular expression is the antidote to art by Committee. That is how I best describe the sensation of painting as it relates to a life in cinema.

5. You seem to like a challenge; do you think your art challenges the audience perspective about the message you put across? If so, what would you say is the message?

I have no intended message. These are improvisations. Yet what always emerges is meaning out of chaos. But the playing field is leveled. Artist and public share the process equally and simultaneously. Rather than pose a challenge to the audience, I present an invitation to interpret, and there is no correct answer.
Everyone is an authority.
Painting as an act for me, is simply a celebration of a commitment to task, of decisive choices, trust, faith, perseverance, dance, and good humor.
But the deeper currents are always present but often unseen, like the microcosmos toiling away under our noses daily, it is usually provided by the one who is experiencing the work. So thank you. Nice work.

Original Interview :

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