Lucy Liu interview with BBC about her art exhibition, Manchester.


A couple of years ago I interned at an art gallery ‘The Popular Institute’ in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, where I expanded my communications skills by dealing with the media and various clients. I was heavily involved in an art exhibition setup for the actress Lucy Liu. I have been interviewed for BBC about the project directly and arranged interviews for Lucy Liu for the press. The art work entailed a high profile media coverage and Lucy Liu’s standing as a ambassador for the UNICEF charity should have meant that the event was heavily popularised. The experience helped me develop my social skills, creative thinking and taught me to pay great attention to detail, as well as demonstrating to me the way media works.

Actress Lucy Liu has unveiled an exhibition of her artwork at a new gallery in Manchester. The Charlie’s Angels star created a series of works entitled Totem which were on display at The Popular Institute on Thomas Street.

The 44-year-old made the pieces in the collection by sewing hand-dyed leather onto canvas and linen to explore “the fragility of the human form”. Also, butterfly wings, confessions written on notes and little wood shelf’s to convey ”emotions” attached to the piece. The gallery opened its doors with Liu’s inaugural exhibition on 17 May. The guests enjoyed champagne and mingling with Lucy Liu enjoying the dialogue and response to the art pieces on display.

“We’re really excited about the collaboration,” a Popular Institute spokesperson said. “Her exhibition, and the new gallery, really adds to the Manchester art scene.”

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