Terry O’Neill brings Bridget Bardot a chez toi…

Terry1Remember the great American poet e. e. cummings? Remember this chap, girls? He’s the one who never used capital letters and once wrote “a politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man.”

Well now, thanks to Terry O’Neill everyone can sit upon a politician and some. Perhaps, we are leaning more so towards the Hollywood archetype. Think Bridget Bardot/David Bowie/ Al Pacino Sophia Loren/Audrey Hepburn. For Y. has collaborated with legendary British photographer Terry O’Neill and award-winning luxury furniture brand Jimmie Martin to create ten unique Haute Couture furniture pieces. And, now you can dine, lounge and go to bed with all of them. Jimmie Martin, a furniture duo exclusively handpicked vintage furniture (and Madonna no less, has chosen Jimmie Martin to help with her Super Bowl performance) and selected pieces are incorporated with 22-carat gold leaf finish. Each piece was signed by Terry O’Neill and Jimmie Martin and considered a piece of modern art and a rare collectible.

That respect for individual taste, is evident throughout Terry O’Neill work. One of the most skillful conversationalists, seemingly a forgotten art now, he marvels at his own experiences with legendary photographers, artists and artistic collaborations, one of which is with the legendary David Bowie.  It’s easy to gush about Terry’s infectious love for photography while he credits the collaboration on the impact he’s had. However, I’m not so sure, great ideas are rarely incubated without basis and are just awaiting a spark to ignite them, waiting for the right moment, which is what I suspect meeting with Terry was.

His artistic approach to photography and historical reference propels true art, and stands for an historic approach intervened along the lines of the contemporary.

Most of all, the importance of prints is not just in their investment value; but in their historic attributes and timeless appeal. The photographer not only invites viewers to see the pictures but also aims to share the worldly stories of Hollywood, which enhances the experience and explores beyond the faded paper.


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