Travelgram: Budapest

Budapest has the breathtaking beauty of Paris and Roma combined into one. The history is rich enough to stretch from occupation of the Ottoman Empire to the Soviets and communism. All creating a cultural melting pot amidst architectural beauty.


My top 5 things to do in Budapest:

  1. Get a place in the centre. Its beautiful to walk around the Buda and Pest side equally. If you can then book the Four Seasons which sits in a historical building near the Chain Bridge which connects the two.

    I was lucky enough to book an apartment from AirBnB which was 5 minutes away from the Parlamento which came with a bike and allowed to me to roam daily from one side of the city to another. IMG_9360IMG_9093

  2.  Hungarian wine dates back to the Roman times and best and most well known is Tokaji which is sold plentifully around the city and restaurants so feel free to stock up and invite some company.

3. Budapest and Hungry has a powerful source of spa waters and the best (and which I have been recommended and recommend myself) is Gellért Baths because they not only remain in the Gellért Hotel but also provide massage rooms and saunas so you get the whole mineral experience, as well as ancient mineral water springs.IMG_9887.JPG

4. Take a cruise around Danube. Its the most beautiful around evening time when the day gives into the night and stars set in providing for stunning views of the Parlamento, The Chain Bridge, the Palace on the other side of the river and the city, and if you are lucky the stars too.


5. Visit the Palace. The views stretch from top of the hill on to the rest of the city. I was fortunate enough to attend a chocolate festival while there and everything was chocolate. I have the best memories and views. The way to get up there is by a little ski lift which allows you to witness the rest of the city.IMG_0593IMG_0590

Oh, and of course don’t forget to the local food market which is just past Chain Bridge for the best local food and wine. But give it a miss on Sundays as they are closed.

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