Travelgram: Venice

Venice is an amazing city to go to in the summer, but if you want to avoid the tourists and are looking for a romantic weekend away then going in winter is the way to go. And, yes it is true, it is sinking! Thats the best excuse I’ve heard to get on the jet plane to take you there asap.

IMG_8208IMG_8291My top 5 things to do in Venice:

  1. Stay at the Western Regina. You can’t go wrong with central location and amazing views in San Marco. Honestly, it’s the little touches like umbrellas when it rains and bottled water & apples provided at the gym. Did I mention the marble décor? Apparently, during the high tide is the water rises above sea level (its called aqua alta) and comes up to about 1m so, marble is the only way to go, but don’t worry it only happens for an hour on occasion at night when you’ll be asleep.IMG_81582. Go on a ride on a gondola. A centuries old tradition takes you on a tour around narrow Venetian canals and gives a little bit of background while you get to grips with the city. Did you know Mozart’s house was red? Calls to rethink a new décor back home.IMG_83883. Go shopping. So, if you are after high end Prada then its all the there with the Miu Miu, Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna. If you are looking for a more low key traditional Italian craftsmanship then this is the place. You will surprise yourself at what you may discover. Rabbit felt hat and delicate leather gloves are a mustIMG_85974. Harry’s Bar. You been to London’s Cipriani? Need I saw more. Although, these days the establishment became a little touristy around the world that’s not the case in Venice. The bellinis are the traditional order in the Venetian landmark. The seats and the original décor screams more heritage then comfy, but worth the discomfort. You are in a place of history after all.

    5. Try pasta. Now my burratta cheese ravioli with truffle was a little small (that was perfectly made in a french/italian style place on St Marks Sq, the picture below however was best at Caffe Centrale Venezia), but then I realized that’s the key to being a gourmand while still fitting into your couture.IMG_8134Oh, and book a vaparetto  in advance to take you back to the airport. Apparently, these little boats aren your standard way to get aroundenice V. Uber are you listening? Get yourself over to Venezia.

2 thoughts on “Travelgram: Venice

  1. Great photos! We loved Venice too. One of the days we were there, the acqua alta spilled out into the streets and cafes for a few hours before receding–it was kind of interesting to see.


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