Beauty: A road to a luminous complexion


The road to a luminous complexion never ran smooth but if it did, then it did so from the inside. Beauty is a matter of the soul and there is nothing more powerful than a human soul on fire. A good friend of mine told me that every time we meet I become more beautiful. I think as the time moves on we become more self aware, assertive and more established in our professional and private lives, and happier, which shines through outward beauty. He did try to put it down to supplements however; and if there is one supplement which I do take and recommend its Kelp Jelly. The beauty industry has long ago recognized the benefits of seaweed in tablet forms, Dead Sea masks and beauty potions. However, the long-term benefits manifest from inside.


First of all, Kelp Jelly gives a wealth of vitamins and minerals all in 100% natural alive form. It helps to detox and support natural weight maintenance. This nutritional foundation ensures that your body works at its optimum, which is essential. For when your digestion is compromised, weight loss will be harder. But when it comes to weight loss, or should we say slimming (it’s a much more positive way of looking at things), there are several particular reasons for its usefulness.

  • Kelp Jelly also contains alginate. Researchers are currently looking at ways to add this nutrient to certain foods as a weight loss aid. But why go to all that trouble when Kelp Jelly does the work naturally! It’s because alginate helps you to feel satisfied
  • Detox: Alginates of KELP Jelly evacuate the toxic heavy metals from the body
  • It is rich in fucoidans that support the immune system and cell function. We are now seeing several supplements on the market using extracts of these in weight loss products with claims of reducing cravings, boosting energy and improving digestion.

The unique technology in creating Seafarmacy’s Sea Kelp Jelly involves the process of opening the algae cells without high temperatures or chemicals and active elements of brown algae are preserved in a living form, and the ionic state of the matter remains very similar to that of blood plasma.

It is one of the very best natural sources of iodine.  As iodine keeps your thyroid in tiptop condition, and your metabolism revved up and functioning well, if you want to shed a few pounds this is a must. Thyroid gland hormones are often referred to as “conductors of life” – they have an impact on the activity of almost all the cells and organs of our body. They regulate metabolism and energy metabolism, the nervous system and the brain, human gonads, body temperature, heart rate, glucose consumption, blood lipids. Normal function of thyroid gland hormones is crucial for growth and development of the child. The most important for weight loss is that thyroid gland produces insulin, which regulates blood sugar level. Its not the type of carbs or the quantity you eat.swim2-2

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