FullSizeRender-14Dubai is a profound mixture of old traditions and visions of futuristic future. Most people think of Dubai as a destination for luxury shopping, lively nightlife scene and futuristic architecture. The home to tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa and man-made islands just offshore such as the Palm and Atlantis. IMG_2703

Having visited Dubai 6 times, I feel like I have got to know the place a little bit and wanted to share my favourite places.

My top 5 things to do in Dubai:

  1. Go to the desert. I love the vastness of space in the desert. The serenity of the sand dunes and winds of time almost whispering premonitions of the future and echoes of the past.

IMG_2805On a serious note, if you are not that romantic then quad biking, booking a tour, or dinner set among the fire and within local traditions will mesmerise you regardless of what you want to do.


2. Go to the Zouk. There not only will you find the view of the Burj but also a sense of an old traditional bazaar with bars and restaurants to all your delights. You will get lost in choice. I promise.FullSizeRender-13



3. The One & Only Dubai is a dream come true with its exemplar service, explanatory of traditions and superb location. Simply a must for their dinner.


A lot of people seem to have an impression of the city lacking culture and rooted tradition because its so modern and sprung up on the map quite recently. I do detest that because there are hundreds of people while make it an amazing city, and although this may be true there isn’t just one glamourised side of the city. I did arts (try The Jam Jar Studio), water sports and sigh seeing and its a remarkable place to try anything and everything you want. Jet skiing with the Burj in the background is a must.

4. Zuma. This is my personal favourite and I’m fortunate enough to have been to the one in London, Miami and now Dubai. Always a pleasure to be in the hands of great customer service and try amazing Japanese cuisine at hand.


For lunches another great place is Lime which serves great freshly made food with delicious selection of cakes and healthy options.


And the Address Hotel had the most amazing view on the Burj which has now unfortunately burned down at New Years Eve. The hotel also has an amazing bar at the very top which opens the views to the whole of Dubai where you can watch the dancing fountains from above.


5. Take a drive down to Abu Dhabi to visit the Grand Mosque. Curiously enough the first time when I was 4 and I do remember most of it was just sand and a random tall building here and there. This time was a mesmerising experience to see the Grand Mosque in all its glory.


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