Beauty: Nouveau A-Lift


Nouveau Skin Therapy is home to the most innovative and modern skin treatments on the market. The Nouveau A-Lift is designed to target and achieve a wide range to skin goals and helps overcome fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. If you are thinking that maybe its this is for later in life, think again because it also combats open pores, scaring, skin sagging and gives glowing complexion.

The two core treatments come in the most popular the ”lunch time facial” which is Nouveau A-Lift: Non Invasive Facial Lifting and Nouveau Dermatude: Dual Action Skin Rejevenation which can take up to and 1.5 hours. However what you choose is up to you.


The way it works is based around nano technology. It uses nano-currents to increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production in cells, promoting skin regeneration and improving overall skin health. A little like muscle memory in the gym, think of it as your new trainer kicking you into the body of a lifetime, as it triggers for cells to act younger and combat signs of ageing. So, if cells lack collagen or getting a little lazy, then other cells take example and multiply in the same way so, the Nouveau Skin Therapy aims to kick them into gear thus promoting healthy way to a youthful skin.


The whole treatment is relaxing and you don’t feel any currents. Certainly it felt like a welcomed break in my otherwise very busy day in London. My Nouveau A-Lift skin therapist Kelly at 1 Harvey Street was amazing in answering all my questions with scientific backing to her arguments. Afterwards I definitely had a healthy glow and in the evening was complimented on my skin.

If the signs of ageing are prominent then a 10 week course is recommended with a treatment once a week, however for precautionary measures once every 4-6 weeks is enough.

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