Travelgram: Amsterdam (Part 1)

I normally do a ”5 things to do in….” post however given the fact that I was only in Amsterdam for one night I can only share a story or two!!


IMG_0098-2IMG_9913IMG_9924Haha so here I was in Amsterdam thinking that I’m not really feeling the vibes and decided to Google De Vallen ( Red Light District) and turns out I’m 32 miles away (which doesn’t seem right because even if the city is big it can’t be that big 🙄so turns out it isn’t) and I’m in Haag ( Hague). 😂😂😂 So, then I had to go to the station and ask a lovely lady on the platform how can I get to the Red Light District 😁🙃😆😅 so I thought this would be fun …. And that’s before I even got to the cafes 😂😂😂

Some cool shops and boutiques I found are below:

De Koffie Salon.



And some of the hotel which I loved, Radisson — great service!





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