Travelgram: Prague


Shirt Zara, Linen trousers Hobbs, Pumps LK Bennett, Bag Mulberry..

This summer trip was a bit last minute and I’m not much of a planner I’m afraid. Booking summer holiday in the sun has a lot to be desired for when all your friends are busy with their careers ( or tend to plan in advance).

So Prague was a last minute city break because I couldn’t get my papers in time for another location I had in mind.

All I knew before I went that it experienced a Velvet Revolution last century and that it was fairly welcomed. The revolution, not velvet I’m afraid!


Since I went to visit my travel buddy friend who dreams of opening up her own boutique hotel, I had a guided tour filled with shopping, cocktails and spa visits ( which is great for a student budget you know because everything is cheaper  than UK so, a full body massage is fully justified!).


The food was pretty good! The favourite places were James Dean bar, Four Seasons ( as anywhere because their service is impeccable) and Soho ( even though it favourite of celebs and models the service wasn’t all considering the cold & wet towel I was brought) sushi and sisha place. The foood was good as was the necessary hot sake when you are coming down with a cold.


The bet day we went gallivanting around the Castle and buying souvenirs. Well everyday actually. But sometimes that’s just what the souls needs. Some girl time.

Useful addresses below:

Soho Podolské nábř. 1, 147 00 Praha 4.

+420 244 463 772

James Dean V Kolkovně 922/1, 110 00 Praha 1.

+420 606 979 797

Happy Travels!

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