Travelgram: Miami

Have totally been neglecting my blog so, here is a quick update on my Travelgram.

In september, I have taken a last minute trip ( have bought tickets two days before the flight!!!) to surprise my parents who I haven’t seen in a while…

I have been to Miami 2-3 times beforehand so, have done the South Beach scene ( totally do check out W Hotel, Zuma — & all the recommended places they are totally worth it!), but this was of a personal trip. So, photos do not show MIA in all its glory & as always the best bits stay behind the scenes.

I do hope to come for Miami Art Basel one day soon!

Miami Beach where I and my mum spent some quality time.
Here is I with my family chihuahua, meet Edward!
Totally Laduree, right on Lincoln Road.

Everybody who knows me knows me that I love Laduree macaroons, here is a link to a blog I contributed to about the sweet crunch…Laduree affair..


Shameless selfie pose!
South Beach 

Eventually it was time to go, until next time!

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