Brands are mostly stories and here is mine…

During a 27-minute layover in Paris once upon a time, I was very preoccupied with thoughts of my up-coming birthday and how to entertain my guests. I felt a little fatigued and couldn’t wait to get home. Charles de Gaulle has never seemed to be much more than any normal airport before however, this time, I was on a mission to bring something back to London with me.

The queue of people waiting for their purchases justified my craving. I kept looking at my watch and painfully realized I was out of euros. I made a stand out of it. I said to myself, I’m on a mission, to get them and I will. I kept peering through the display glass choosing my delights hoping that I wouldn’t have to run to catch my flight. The delicious treats were laid out in front of me in an array of rainbow colors and assorted flavors. The clock kept ticking and the line of people kept growing.  I kept musing about the collection of boxes I have, which I use for lip-glosses and lipsticks after all the treats are gone. It is not a privilege or an occasion, but simply an addiction, a craving, which must be satisfied with the best. I know that Lenotre or Pierre Herme are satisfactory, but being a loyal customer or a victim of my love for all things pink (boxes of Laduree are christened with a hue of that color) I was silently awaiting my turn in line before gracefully accepting my order and dashing for the plane.macaroons1

In my stoic pursuit of stolen moments of pistachio and vanilla happiness melting in my mouth, I realized that nothing can compare to this, and with the speed of light I’d decided what my birthday cake would be. It would be a mélange of macaroons piled upon each other to eat, and to later accompany my guests on their journey home. Great thoughts happen out of great creations. True love is never easy, and passion can cross out all common sense and leave you in a state of trance. Perhaps, in the words of Carries Broadshaw it makes more sense  ”I have an addiction, sir”.



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