Normally everybody goes on a crazed ”new year, new me” in January with some people trying to do a dry January ( I don’t drink that much so its not really a thang!) however, knocking a few pounds off after Christmas or to freshen up your routine before your beach holiday is always handy.

This is also good to reset your tastebuds and helps to stabilize your blood sugar keeping cravings at bay.

I try to balance taste with goodness. So, as a guide putting a lot of fruit in the smoothie means you are putting SUGAR! (yes, fructose, but still its sugar!). 20/80 ratio works well if you remember to colour coordinate fruit & veg.



Apples, celery, kale, cucumber..

Carrots, orange peppers, squash, papaya..

Tomatoes, red peppers, strawberries, radish….etc

Mix up with some water (and or ice!). I like to pre-freeze my berries, I think they taste nicer.img_7336

and whizz!!! But before you do here are some powders you may wanna add.



ALKALINE GREENS: CHLORELLA, SEA KELP ( I did write a blog post on this Sea Kelp Jelly), WHEATGRASS & SPIRULINA 

These are designed to keep your body healthy and filled wth nutrients which is what your body is really craving.



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