Its coming to an end of my internship and the end of term. This got me thinking about getting everything done and tying any loose ends in my coursework. In fact, it made me panic a little and for a good reason!


The reason why we do internships is to gain experience to gain employment and in the future, over 20% of workforce are predicted to be self employed by 2020 in the UK. This means fewer permanent contracts and more fluidity in work force which will require more productivity.

How do you get the most productivity out of your day?

The more you focus on performance and away from mindfulness, the more your moral can suffer. However, if you keep things simple i.e. minimalism in a workplace it will have bigger impact on performance and therefore team  work and even business success.  Minimalism is a tool which can help to simplify and streamline all aspects of work, with the focus being on working smarter and in a healthier way.


Here are some simple habits to implement minimalism at work to improve energy and performance:

  • Make a list of what is really important at work
  • What can you remove, reduce and turn into steps
  • De-clutter to free up mental space
  • Practise mindfulness at work
  • Create focus for your day
  • Reduce what you use your phone for
  • Avoid technology at lunch time

I think this pretty much decodes the formula of what works in the office and in the library.


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