How I support my travels on a student budget

The reason why I started this blog was because I like to travel. And travel I did to several destinations last year. I went Dubai, Budapest, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Prague, Miami, Amsterdam (again!), Vienna and Moscow.


I have received comments from people saying that ” I don’t look like I’m ever on a budget” so, I decided to write a post dispelling the myths that’s travelling has to cost a fortune and take a chunk from your pension fund.

Last year, I managed to take myself to 6 different locations. I paid for those myself. On one occasion, I stayed at a friends house and another friend invited me as an exchange of my hospitality in Budapest when I had an Airbnb.


The way this evolved was simple: I was in a long distance relationship and when it was over I simply didn’t want the travel to stop, nor allow myself a change of lifestyle.

  1. Choose your location.

My first trip was to Budapest which is cheap compared to Europe and cheap if you earn in pounds (which I do living in UK, but maybe Brexit will change all that!). I was looking for hostels, but planning to travel alone initially was a little sceptical. I decided to look for Airbnb for fun and managed to find a studio (!) all to myself near Parliamento (which is the Parliament, if you are wondering). The thought process was simple, but it was an exciting find for four nights which cost me £156 in total with £20 being the cleaning fee which makes its £34 per a night! The studio came with two bikes by the way and I got to meet the host which was a much needed company in the post break up. It was the cutest little studio and I remember feeling so scared, yet so proud of myself.


I have never travelled by myself before (correction, I have travelled by myself since about 6 years old, but I had people waiting for me at my destination) but on this occasion I was alone. So, just in case I printed a google map from my apartment to a British Embassy (in case you know, I get mugged and my passport gets stolen or whatever). I have also discovered that a business lunch at Nobu in Budapest would set me back about £25. You get the drift. If you seek you will find and if you are a student like me, but on budget you can still enjoy life. Another good site I use is on last minute deals for 5 star hotels (more on that below).

           2. Choose your season

Sometimes, if you go off season the prices are much lower and so is the occupancy and if you go with a friend it works out the same price as a private room in a hostel when you split the costs. Another good tip is to agree on a budget if you are travelling together and share the money. That will erase any arguments if case you friend wants to blow it all on taxis wherever you go.


I was fortunate I made friends with some American tourists and waited until my friend arrived. She stayed. So a year later I went and visited her in Prague.


         3. Make friends

You never know who you will meet or make new travel plans with. The reason why I went by myself because all my friends had work commitments and couldn’t get away from them last minute.


      4. Find your passion

Last year, I worked 4 days a week plus received a bonus in my job and student loan. This would drum up my income to about a graduate entree level salary. I’m not suggesting this was healthy, but it was definitely helpful in helping me manage my time better. Do I regret it? No. I do deny myself a night out, simply because I know for the price of a taxi home and a few cocktails I can get an airplane ticket to Europe. I’m not saying this is for everyone, but I find it exhilarating meeting new people, seeing how people live and opening up my mind to new experiences.

    5. Enjoy!

You never know where your travels may take you. The page is yours to write!


Happy travelling!!! xoxo

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