Beauty : Microblading

I’m not a fan of altering how I look (mind, the I in the sentence, not you! I happen to think some people achieved amazing results with plastic surgery and alterations) I just don’t like the sight of my own blood or the idea of needles or knifes going inside my skin. I was skeptical about microblading, but so glad I tried it! The eyebrow game is on!

However, microblading is something that I was intrigued about as a way to alter symmetry of a face (because we all know symmetry and proportional features can enhance your natural looks). So, much for the self love, right? Wrong we fill out our eyebrows with dozens of products so, why not just do it permanently, I thought and save time.

(Sorry, for the quality of pictures, but didn’t think I wanted to do a blog post on this, but since I loved the result I wanted to share it with you guys!)



Here is what I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Microblading is not tattooing

Well, it differs. The process uses a special microblading pen to draw on individual strokes one by one. It is meticulous but took me about an hour. That’s including the numbing crème.


  1. It doesn’t hurt

I don’t like pain. Waxing, You name it, no thanks! But they put the topical numbing crème and then voila after 20 mins you are good to go! There was a little discomfort but no pain. It does have the potential hazard of people hearing the pen cut scrape the surface of the skin, but it didn’t bother me personally.


  1. It lasts up to 3 years.

After the first session you have to come back and get some bits refilled just because your pores may have opened up due to natural perspiration and let out some of the pigment but other than that its done.


  1. You are good to go.

The procedure has no down time. Sure, you to have to put a healing crème on, as your skin does heal different to everyone and it may have tiny flakes. Mostly, they were unnoticeable to everyone around but me.


  1. The shape

The most important part is to choose the right salon with professionals who know what they are doing because it takes somebody who knows to draw up an adequate shape designed to take in consideration your natural face symmetry, eyebrow movement and pick a natural looking pigment to match your features. That’s half the job!


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