Yasuma Morimura Exhibit

Its been a while since I ventured out and did a blog post on an exhibition I liked. Please see Piranesi when I was in Madrid and SHOWSTUDIO exhibit in London town.


However, on my recent travels to Moscow, a friend spontaneously decided to invite me to see (say what you like, commercial or genius?) but it turned out that Yasuma Morimura had last day of his show. So, we decided to go and check him out instead.

The artist likes to erode ‘’traditional geographic boundaries but also destroys conventional identity structures in cultural, gender, social, psychophysical and other domains’’. In postmodernist terms the latest exhibition ‘’destroyed the integrity of the painting, and hybridized the forms and genres of art as well as reconsidering the system of aesthetic values’’.


This definitely blurs the traditions mind-sets and expectations audience have of ‘’classical art’’ or art in its traditional realm. The headline of the exhibition was ‘’I know nothing of art history’’ which reasserts the need to evaluate what we see without conditions. Identity is something which is a societal format which is interesting to shake up from time to time.


Morimura appeared on international art scene in the mid-19802 with reconstruction of Western masterpieces in which he depicted his face.  I study Advertising and Brand Management and its interesting to see traditional concepts blurred between art and advertising.


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