Aha moments with Clarins

My lifestyle can get me super stressed, for those of you who don’t know I have been having  sleeping problems lately which means my body can’t cope with too much cortisol and doesn’t recover.

This can also mean that my skin feels the strain and breaks out as well as hormones ( which can also get messed up from lack of sleep, who knew?). I put a little pick up for you  and with my tops tips.

1.To help balance stress levels and to keep skin in good condition it’s recommended that we don’t shy away from hydration. Yes ladies you have heard it before but sadly there is substitute. IMG_14532. Use the right skin care for your skin type and condition. Sometimes our skin gets all combination on us then it decided it wants to have a dry spell. The key is to tailor your skincare to correct episode it will throw your way.

IMG_14543. To help me wind down I do not yoga or meditate, however more often than not I end up watching Netflix which but no means lower my dress levels while I watch good cops chasing the bad cops! However the one indulgent thing I allow myself is head to toe massage at the Clarins salon at House of Fraser.


IMG_1452IMG_1455The salon boasts several rooms and highly skilled members of staff who go through many hours of training to get it just right for you before they are allowed to deliver Clarins treatments.

The products used are botanical body oils and aromatherapy massaging you from top to toes. I honestly was half asleep went masseuse was taking me through the treatment.

At the end you have a complimentary make up on offer to bring you back to reality…no detail is over looked.


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