I always wanted to go to #Barca because who doesn’t? It combines everything you need for a city break its near the sea, has incredible nightlife and architectural refinements which prove to be a feast to your eyes.IMG_2999IMG_3014IMG_3041IMG_3099

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe so I decided considering there is a lot of waking to be done that the best is to stick with linen (Jaeger) and got my blouse from (Shein) as well as my espadrilles from (Zara).

1. One of the most breathtaking places I first saw from the airport was Font Magica de Montjuic which translates into Magic Fountain which has breathtaking views over Barcelona.


2.When walking we found a cute little place called “Zulu” with great interior. It looks just like a usual cafe for the locals but as soon as you go in you are mesmerised.IMG_3122IMG_3121IMG_3117

3.Another little gem is Soho House , however they won’t let you on the veranda bar unless you stay with them (it’s a hotel!) but downstairs restaurant Cecconis has you tasting the delights among well thought out decor and great customer service.


Here is basically a little Zara haul I went on before my vacation (top/ skirt -Zara), shoes Vicini and bag ( just scene) Mulberry.

4. Another highlight is of course the famed Gaudi’s Segrada Familia Basilica for which I got a private tour because all the tickets were sold out. If you can do that then I recommend you go with a guide who will explain the idea behind the building which has been in construction for over 100 years, the meaning of each  facade and why it costs between £60/70 million a year to complete.



5. I stayed at NH Collection in Amsterdam last year for my birthday which was pretty central and had great customer service ( basically a nespresso in the room does it for me!). This time we got upgraded to a junior suit which means ( my dream of getting upgraded came true ! Because I think it just depends on being nice 👍 and manners cost nothing!) and it means it deserves a special place in my recommendations section ❤️


Most of all enjoy the walking around this beautiful city ❤️❤️❤️


Enter a captionA little dress I picked up at H&M par mon voyage

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