5 Steps to Self care

Whenever I’m on my Facebook feed and come across Forbes or CNBC it’s always peppered with articles on success and the pivotal point your mindset depends on.


In a lot of disciplines religious or spiritual success is starts with taking care of yourself. If you accept yourself you can accept others and theirs faults. If you respect yourself and you respect your time you will respects others. If you know how to ask for what you want in life and know how to love yourself than you will love others better.


Here are a few ways to try to maintain a healthy balance and healthy mind to deal with whatever life throws at me:

1. Accept yourself

Yes, it’s great to be ambitious and to put on stress on yourself but to solve problems and get to where you need to be you need creative om your thinking which is impossible to with when we are stressed. We all wish we could be different – more organised, or disciplined with our diets, or look different or be more emotionally brave- but the truth is you can only start making progress in areas you identify and when you ground yourself in reality. Don’t lie to yourself, there is nobody here to judge because people are too concerned with their own insecurities.



2. Free yourself from dogma.

I spend many years believing other people’s perceptions of me. Sometimes we are too proud and too busy to notice our thoughts about ourselves are a product of other people’s fears and self-limitations which often are said with best intentions. I had to hit rock bottom and become depressed to start backtracking to why this has begun. My journey took me through therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy which assisted in identifying my thought patterns which prevented my goals and I realised those things did not even come from me.



3. Forgive yourself.

Its fine to have high standards but sometimes you are going to fail. Beating yourself up is not progressive, but looking constructive at your mistakes can be. Often we spend a lot of time fearing failure sometimes, not even starting things telling ourselves they will never work out. We come up with logical arguments, but the truth is we never know if we don’t try.  Its safe to say everyone will fail at some point and that’s a given in life. What’s not given if you carry on or not. Forgive yourself and your mistakes. The only thing you can do is to stay focused.

4. Take responsibility.

Sometimes bad things happens, circumstances seem to spiral out of our control and everything feels like it overwhelms and happens at one. Take a breath. I spent a lot of time of my life blaming others and feeling sorry for myself (while, at the time. I thought I was just analysing the situation) sometimes, the best way to end a bad experience it is to take responsibility. Taking responsibility is liberating because you accept that you allowed it to happen (it may not always be the case, but it will empower you rather than victimize you). This means that you will more in control and able to deal with whatever life throws at you head on. Taking responsibility liberates meaning you are not scared it will happen again, but know that you will not place yourself in a similar situation.



5. Don’t take life too seriously.

Don’t take yourself or life seriously. Don’t become stuck in thinking you can control everything, the only thing you can control is yourself and your perception on things. ”Star with what you have, not what you want”.

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