Food Diaries: Ginpossible

topshopA few days ago, we got invited by the lovely PR team from #ImpossibleManchester with Style Grimoires to try a new venue on Peter Street which features a bar and eatery along with a separate gin nest named ‘Ginpossible’ which leads upstairs through a secret door.


The tasting menu offered 4 different gins & tonics with Beefeater remaining my favorite and  tonic waters with fabulous botanic oils giving it just the right sass! While we did our best to operate the taste buds, the bar staff made sure we didn’t loose track of what was on offer while entertaining the guests with tales and origins of gins. History lesson as it may, it was a delightful way to endorse the venue and dedication to choosing only specific combinations of gins&tonics, as well as appreciating that gin had a long way to go before it has arrived to modern day.


impossible manchesterThe venue was inspired by the amazing feats achieved in Manchester alongside  74 Impossible gins from around the world alongside impossible selection of premium quality tonics with quinine being the key ingredient in a few.

”The key inspiration behind the unique venue is purely the huge wealth of talent in Manchester that has driven the creation and discovery of moderns feats from the first computer to the first ice cream cone; the first passenger railway to splitting the atom…”


The bar boasts a £3 million renovation of the three-floor site on the edge of the Great Northern Square, the ground floor featured a 280 cover bar  and a full kitchen menu operates noon until 9pm with a separate ‘Impossible Taco’ popup serving guests through to the early hours ( which is a must for me, as in Europe we do like to mix out alcohol with food not the lack of!). The decor is peppered with nods to the brilliant achievements of Mancunians and the Impossible spirit of Manchester. A no mean feat? Quite.




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